Yucata anyone?

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Eric Holdridge
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Yucata anyone?

#1 Post by Eric Holdridge » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:43 pm

Hey, long time, no post.

After like a four year hiatus one of my IL friends got me back onto Yucata.de to play some of the Feld games on there, and I am now full hooked again.

No need to go into the debate about on-line vs face to face gaming we had long long ago.

It is enough for me to say that at this age and in this weather, I definitely do not get to do enough face to face gaming these days, so the async nature of the site really does wonders for me and I have been re-acquainting myself with the some old favorites (like Hacienda and Balloon Cup) and revisiting some games I haven't thought about in years (Yes, El Grande is still a mean mean game).

Just throwing it out there in case anyone wants to add me to their buddy list or send me some private invites to play, my handle on there is Shobi6669.

Alternately if there are other spots people are playing still, let me know and I can check them out.

I figure most people aren't interested in async web-based board gaming in these days of so many video games on phones, but the touch interface for yucata from my tablet is not *too* finicky and it has let me try a bunch of games I never tried before such as Carpe Diem, Valletta, Ulm and Oracles of Delphi and I really liked them. I also just tried Terra Mystica and I am not sure I understood it very well, but it seems pretty cool too.

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Re: Yucata anyone?

#2 Post by Harbinger » Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:11 am

I'm in.
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