About our Game Nights

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About our Game Nights

#1 Post by Seripmav » Fri Mar 05, 2004 12:07 pm

Here's the skinny on our game nights.

1. We play games. Maybe you want to find the time to get into that fantasy book, or maybe that miniature needs painting, we're cool with that too. But don't expect to come over and watch tv unless as a group we decide to watch a movie or something. Plan on doing something fantasy/game related, don't bring your checkbook to balance, or a bad attitude. This is an escapism night.

2. We don't have any rules about what games to play. Like our motto "We are a gaming group willing to try anything once." We are always playing something different. Typically we play all the latest board games, but occasionally a computer game or rpg, or playtesting a game or variation that someone came up with. Once in a rare while we jump on something for a couple weeks, like our three weeks straight of Fortress America battles, or a roleplaying adventure, but usually no two weeks are ever the same. Shorter games ( < 2 hrs. ) seem to have a better chance of making it to the table just because of time constraints.

3. Forum rules for discussion apply: don't bring up any polorizing matters for discussion. Don't insult real world views or beliefs, in fact don't even talk about them. Someone is sure to disagree with you. We just aren't that kind of group.

4. It's polite and acceptable to bring snacks and soda. You don't have to bring enough for a pot luck and we aren't telling you that you must bring anything at all. A bag of chips, enough soda for yourself or a six pack is fine though. Think of it as making yourself comfortable first and then a little something to share. And don't feel bad about taking your leftovers home with you. If you leave it, consider it donated.

5. It's polite and acceptable to bring games, even if they don't get played.

6. We respect each others property. We aren't kids so this really isn't an issue. We understand that while we are having fun we are still guests in someone's home.

7. Depending on when folks show up and leave we'll have a couple different games going at once. Few games support 8 players most less than 6. I think we currently have over a dozen people that could show up any given night. Typically we've been getting around 8. Getting bigger isn't our goal, gaming is just that fun!

8. Please don't bring your children. It sounds harsh to say it bluntly but our group is made up of adults and it's an escapism night for everyone.

9. Please don't be a jerk; you won't be invited back. We have no problem telling cheaters or poor sports to bugger off.

10. Lastly, if you'd like to play with us, just post first and introduce yourself to the group.

So I hope this takes out some of the mystery. Stop on out and enjoy an evening.
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