Become a Benefactor.

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Become a Benefactor.

#1 Post by Seripmav » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:30 am

Hi everyone.

There are costs and time involved in keeping this website up. While one person could cover these costs (and has been for several years, thanks Lartarin!) the time has come to let all of you share in that if you choose.

There is a special designation on the boards known as Benefactor. Benefactors are folks who appreciate the community of enough to want to contribute to its ongoing upkeep.

Benefactors are special members who have attended at least 3 gaming night/Gameapalooza events, and are willing to donate at least $10 (known as flair). The title of Benefactor lasts for one year.
All donations pay for website related expenses. Any left over flair will be used to enhance Benefactor gaming experiences (ie. food, prizes, rentals.)

Becoming a Benefactor does have some small benefits:
1.) Supporting PolyU’s website! That’s why you’re here right?
2.) Benefactor only area of the forums.
3.) Possible Benefactor only events.
4.) Possible special swag (depends on donations).
5.) Post Events to our Calendar
6.) Possible future Benefactor only areas of the website.

See Ted Seripmav King at a game night to become a Benefactor.
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