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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:41 pm 
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One of the local FLGs - House of Heroes hosted a Tabletop day.

Before the event I played Pandemic with my son at home and then heading out to downtown Oshkosh for the afternoon event. I played two games of Sentinels of the Multiverseand one of Lords of Waterdeep before having to duck out to cook dinner. It looked like there was a lot of Xwing going on, some Zombicide, Memoir 44, and Hawaii among other things I didn't see.

Our morning Pandemic on 'easy' was going really well. One disease eradicated and two others cured but we ran out of action cards and the red disease destroyed the world. not bad for afirst attempt (and not too much 'you should do this...').

Our first four player game of Sentinels went really smoothly with Overlord Voss? falling beneath our sustained assualt. I was Ra and ending up playing the the Anubis environment deck seemed to fit nicely. I didn't feel like my deck ever really got to shine (no pun intended) but the other players pulled off some epic card combos.

Second four player game of Sentinels was a completely different story. I drew ChronoRanger and was really looking forward to trying out a new character. Sadly though we were up against Dark Legacy who drew two +1 damage cards and a deal 2 damage when Hero plays a card as part of his initial set up. That setup and the Block environment left us dead before our decks even got going (I think we lasted four rounds - in part because after two damage dealing agents the Block offered up a forcefield and in part because we forgot to take end of round damage at least once!)

Sentinels is definitely a game I hope to own but so any others I play with have it that I don't expect to purchase it soon.

Lords of Waterdeep was fun as always. As a four player game I always feel like the game is just starting to flow when it finishes. I hoping that upcoming expansion gives an option for a longer game but I've not tracked it's scope / contents. One interesting aside was discovering that (according to the FAQ) building plots are NOT limited to the squares on the board. That's certainly has an impact on gameplay and is somehting that would have impacted a number of earlier games of this which I've played.

A great TableTop day, looking forward to next year!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:02 am 
Gaming God
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After playing GT's version of Lords of Waterdeep, I broke out my own at home and convinces the elder Yidling that it was fun. I even changed the theme from D&D to a garden theme where the Agents were gardeners picking up supplies to plant their gardens. Intrigue cards were like insects that messed with other people's gardens and the the quests were the different types of gardens that could be planted. Long story short, she didn't buy it but Mom got her to play. She wants to play it again. YES!

Great day. Always good to see Lee and the rest of the gang.

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