Three-Dragon Ante "House Rules"

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Three-Dragon Ante "House Rules"

#1 Post by Seripmav » Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:36 am

So we've played Three-Dragon Ante a few times now and I've come up with these possible house rules to spice it up a little. Let me know what you think.

1. Purchasing Cards. At the start of your turn you may purchase cards, in the normal fashion (flip over top card for price), based on your position in the chip standings. 1st place can buy 1 card, 2nd 2 cards, 3rd and below 3 cards. 3 cards would be the maximum.

2. All mortals can also be Dragon Killers. Instead of paying 1 gold to activate a Mortal's original power, you can pay the Mortal's face value to turn it into a dragon killer. It works just like the regular dragon killer card in that the dragon killed must be of lower value than it is.

3. A "Run" trumps highest flight total. This little twist adds the rule that if you can score a run of the same dragon type (good or evil), you win the gambit regardless of the power of the other flights. You must have all 3 dragons in your flight (none killed). You also score the normal color flight bonus (only black and white dragons have this bonus). If scored with 3 mortals you would not get the color flight bonus. Dracolich counts as a regular evil dragon worth his 10.

This ties in nicely with the first 2 rules to make the game more active. However, I think it would need to be tested to see how common it is. Too common and it wrecks the game.

4. Mortals. 3 mortals in your flight allows you to split the pot with the winner, if the value of the 3 mortals is equal to or greater than 50% of the point value of the winners flight.

5. To shorten the game a bit, it ends when someone twice in a row can't fulfill their obligation to the ante. The regular rule of ending the game when not being able to pay back at the end of a gambit is also still in effect. This avoids someone perpetuating the game when they only have ONE CHIP, Harbinger.

I really like TDA but I think it needs a few twists like this to sustain it for the length of time it might be to play. This will make it a little more like poker in that there are multiple paths to victory to shoot for.
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