From 2 seasons in the Octagon, I bring you: Rex Kwon Do...

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From 2 seasons in the Octagon, I bring you: Rex Kwon Do...

#1 Post by Seripmav » Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:10 am

The title is a Naploeon Dynamite reference for those in the know.

Anywho, I turned on Spike last night to watch MXC only to find they have changed their programing. Instead I got to watch 3+ hours of Ultimate Fighting

Woot! Well since it's not me getting the crapped kicked out of it's fun. I've been watching it once in awhile now but I thought I'd bring it up here.

This sport has really come a long way, sorta like paintball. I remember first seeing it like 10 years ago and thinking "What sort of nut job do you have to be to do that?" I couldn't even watch it because I didn't want to see all the blood.

Nowadays it really is a sport. Weightclasses, rules, trainers, medical staff, sound fighting techniques, and most importantly: refs that jump in to stop the fight as soon as one guy is out so he doesn't get killed. I'm not saying they're football or anything but they've really tried hard to legitimize themselves. And I enjoy watching it.

If you haven't seen it in awhile you might be pleasantly surprised at how much "fun" it is now. Spike is doing a good job of making it interesting and with announcers like Joe Rogan (fear factor) you can't go wrong. Well, that and the fact that you're safe on your couch with a beer.
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